Opera in the Barossa - Operarté
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Opera in the Barossa - Operarté

Opera in the Barossa will launch the perfect pairing of wine, opera and art in the Icon of the Barossa, Chateau Tanunda.

Coming back in 2024

Experience the ultimate fusion of cultural delights with "Opera in the Barossa," where the worlds of fine wines, exceptional opera, and exquisite art converge at the legendary Chateau Tanunda, known as the Icon of the Barossa. This grand bluestone winery, alongside the Barossa's earliest vineyards, stands as a proud testament to the vibrant history and enterprising spirit that characterizes Australia's most distinguished wine region.

Prepare yourself for an emotional journey as Underground Opera delivers performances that will make you laugh, cry, and erupt in applause. As these sensational operatic displays unfold, witness the genius of renowned Living Master Gordon Hanley, whose art will come to life before your eyes. Simultaneously, indulge in the sophisticated flavors for which Chateau Tanunda is celebrated.

This unparalleled event promises to engage and exhilarate all your senses, providing an unforgettable experience against the backdrop of South Australia's scenic Barossa Valley. So immerse yourself in a sensory explosion of taste, sight, and sound with "Opera in the Barossa" at the iconic Chateau Tanunda. Whether you're a devotee of the arts, a wine connoisseur, or simply in search of an enriching outing, this event is sure to leave you captivated and eager for more.


7:30pm, Saturday September 2nd, 2023
Chateau Tanunda
Adults $95, Concessions $85, Child (U16) $60, Pre booked Cheese Platter for 2 - $35
Château Tanunda - Opera in the Barossa!

If you have ever wondered what opera was like, now is your chance to savour the experience. Morpeth Gallery, along with the Underground Opera Company, is presenting celebrated arias from famous operas, sung by some of Australia’s best opera singers. The performance is enhanced with vision of Gordon Hanley’s metal point art work coming to life and projected as a backdrop during the performance.

Operarte is a marriage of the genius of ARC Living Master Artist, Mr Gordon Hanley, and The Underground Opera Company that combines exceptional live performances with the visual spectacle of Gordon Hanley’s artworks.

These photo realistic metalpoint masterpieces are drawn with 24ct Gold. The exhibition will include gold gilded reproductions of artworks that Mr Hanley has created to best represent each individual piece in the evenings programme.

Time lapse photographs are taken and combined to create a visually moving masterpiece. These moving masterpieces will be projected on screens on stage in the Cathedral to create a magical backdrop for each performance.



One lucky audience member will take home their choice of any one of the beautifully framed prints in this exquisite exhibition. During the show one randomly selected seat will be drawn and that seat holder will select their favourite piece from the exhibition. These prints are valued at up to $5500.

Underground Opera - Operarte
Experience Underground Opera’s extraordinary show - Operarte! - where art and opera come to life. Gold point art exhibition by living master Mr Gordon Hanley...
Un bel di Cathedral 22
Just one of the pieces from our Opera and Art show Operarté from Opera in the Cathedral - Christ Church Cathedral, Newcastle 2022. Get ready for 2023!
Château Tanunda
Nestled in the picturesque landscape of South Australia’s Barossa Valley, Château Tanunda stands as an emblem of viticultural heritage and splendor.

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