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Join the Underground Opera Company at iconic locations for a night of breathtaking performances. Revel in the grandeur and elegance of the city's premier cultural landmarks.

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Saint Peter's Cathedral

Saint Peter's Cathedral, nestled in the heart of North Adelaide, SA, stands as an emblem of spiritual dignity and architectural splendor, piercing the Australian skies with its Gothic Revival spires.

The Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, a beacon of spiritual and historical significance, rises majestically over Newcastle, NSW, Australia. It stands as a testament to resilience and faith, with a story that echoes through its grand architecture and sacred walls.

The Christ Church Chapel

The Christ Church Chapel is a sanctum of peace and history nestled amidst the bustling energy of Brisbane's inner-city sprawl. This dainty yet robust place of worship wears its heritage proudly, echoing tales of countless gatherings, rejoices and solaces through the years.